To enhance and enrich the international discussion on security matters we introduce our regular column

Seriously! – Opinions on Cooperation and Security in Europe

Security in Europe a quarter of a century after the end of the Cold War is a very complicated subject which is debated in a very emotional way. The reason is very clear: almost every European nation feels threatened. The undivided security, once envisioned, seems far away.

Therefore, this monthly column wants to give you, the professionally interested or involved reader, a well-grounded view on current developments, on important historical events and on possible trends concerning Cooperation and Security in Europe.

The column, written by experienced as well as by young and aspiring international experts and politicians, provides a brief, pertinent and stimulating analysis and is geared towards generating ideas on how to overcome problems in the field of security in the Euro-Atlantic zone.


By Zachary Paikin



Opinion by Stanislav Mulyukin



Meinungsbeitrag von Simon Weiß und René Schlee

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