Why we need experts

Pia Bungarten & Reinhard Krumm · IPG Journal

With social media, echo chambers are increasingly replacing nuanced debate. But listening to expert opinion has never been more important.

We live in a world where things are both getting better and worse. Life expectancy continues to increase across all continents, while child mortality continues to fall. At the same time, however, the very idea of democracy as the foundation of a better society – and the competence of political decision-makers – is being fundamentally questioned. And even more worrisome, there are massive challenges politicians need to tackle, whether it’s accelerating climate change or the fact that peace and security are increasingly fragile across the world.

To find solutions to these challenges and push back against the democratic erosion, we need people who can continuously and reliably analyse threats, challenges and opportunities and present their analyses to decision-makers. In short, we need experts.

These experts are scholars from academia and think tanks, as well as members of civil society or former decision-makers who rarely appear in the public eye but have a deep and carefully considered knowledge in their area of expertise. With this, they can offer competent advice  to those who eventually have to take the real political decisions.

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