Regional Trends in European Security – Recommendations for the OSCE

New publication by Sabrina Kaschowitz, Alexandra Dienes & Christos Katsioulis

The deep crisis of European security impacts the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), limiting its political room for manoeuvre and constraining application of its instruments. However, there are steps the OSCE and its participating States could take to pursue a more active and impactful role in tackling European security’s many challenges. OSCE’s on-the-ground experience and its refined toolbox for conflict management will be critical in stabilising the situation once hostilities in Ukraine abate. It will also play a vital role in providing human security in conflict-torn regions, whether through demining, promoting post-conflict rehabilitation, establishing the rule of law, and fostering human rights and equality.

Regional trends in European security

Kaschowitz, Sabrina; Dienes, Alexandra; Katsioulis, Christos

Regional trends in European security

Recommendations for the OSCE
Wien, 2023

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