Perspectives 20-30 Roadshow Policy Paper

OSCE Perspectives 20-30 Roadshow in 2020-2022.

In 2019, the Perspectives 20-30 Core Group of Experts – 22 young professionals under 30 from across the OSCE region – produced a discussion paper titled “Engaging Youth for a Safer Future” in which they outlined their vision of security in 2030 and beyond. In 2020 and 2021, the initiative continued the debate in a series of discussions with young people across the OSCE region. The goal of this roadshow was to critically assess the recommendations from the original discussion paper by the Core Group of Experts and apply it to the national context, deriving further recommendations for national decision-makers and the OSCE. The Roadshow discussions focused on the situation of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central Asia, Poland, Albania, Liechtenstein and Andorra. Most were held online due to the pandemic. This paper crystalises the main perspectives and recommendations contributed by young people during the discussions.

Read: osce.org/files/f/documents/8/7/528411.pdf