European Security, Eurasian Crossroads?

Zachary Paikin (CEPS) & Christos Katsioulis (FES ROCPE)

European Security, Eurasian Crossroads?

Keeping rules-based cooperation afloat on a war-torn continent

Zachary Paikin & Christos Katsioulis

The NATO summit in Vilnius taking place from 11 to 12 July 2023 marks another step towards deepening the relationship between Ukraine and the collective West. When paired with the EU’s reinvigorated enlargement process, there is a growing tendency to assume that Washington and Brussels can – or even must – set the terms of the European security order without input from Moscow.

However, in a world of ‘mega-regions’ and competing visions of international order, cooperative security remains relevant if the EU wishes to salvage some degree of rules-based order in the space that connects Europe with Eurasia. As first steps in this direction, the EU should work to keep the OSCE operational, launch a limited dialogue with Belarus on arms control, and envision a future for the European Political Community that someday includes Russia.

This paper is published as part of CEPS’ Mega-Regions and European Security project.

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